BIG Pole



BIG Pole shot showing lake and view from back of house

Conventional ground level shot

Baysville Walk-About 2009

Huntsville Car Show 2009


  1. Residential &

  Commercial Real

  Estate Agents

  1. Private Commissions

  2. Tourist Attractions

  3. Insurance Companies

  4. Architects

  5. Advertising Agencies

  6. Media Companies

  7. News Agencies

  8. Roof-building Surveys

  9. Brochures

  10. Indoor/Outdoor Event

  11. Festivals

We also do time laps photography, combine all images into QuickTime for viewing.

Prints are available up to 24” x 36”

With our Large Fat Boy Tires on the trailer the camera can be used on golf courses and towed with a utility vehicle. The trailer & camera is completely self contained.

The Limberlost Challenge

“A Country Road”

Business Promotion